Need advice/help with SA results...

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Need advice/help with SA results...
Sat, 04-12-2003 - 4:12pm
We don't have the official results back yet, but DH's primary care doc did call with "preliminary" results. He said all the numbers (count, motility, etc) was in the normal range except "morphology" which is the % of normal sperm. It came back at 6%. So, he was calling because he wanted to discuss the results with DH's urologist (his post-cancer care doc) and needed the phone number. His primary care doc didn't really know what the results meant for our overall fertility. To me 6% normal doesn't sound good at all. We should get some official results back later this week. Anyone here know anything about SA? What does 6% mean?!? Thanks for your help. We may be one step closer to finding out why we aren't conceiving.

Oh, and on a good note, the stay away O vibes worked and we had a chance to BD. Now, though, O is couple of days late instead of a couple of days early like I originally thought. Now I am READY for O. :)


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Sat, 04-12-2003 - 6:08pm

I am so sorry that the results don't sound good. 6% normal morphology is pretty low (normal is 30% though, which doesn't seem all that high to me), but from what little I know, I think that all of the results taken as a whole are much more important than any one result alone. If your DH has a good high concentration, then the 6% is less significant than if the concentration is lower. Anyway, I would wait to talk to DH's urologist to see what he/she says before getting too concerned. Easier said than done, I know. I am posting below the "normal" standards used for SA if you're interested. GL. I hope that it turns out okay. -Anne

Almost all laboratories will conduct tests and report on the following information using values established by the World Health Association.

* Concentration (sometimes referred to as the "count"): This is a measurement of how many million sperm there are in each milliliter of fluid. Average sperm concentration is more than 60 million per milliliter (>60 million/cc). Counts of less than 20 million per milliliter (<20 million/cc) are considered sub-fertile.

* Motility (sometimes referred to as the "mobility"): This describes the percentage of sperm which are moving. 50% or more of the sperm should be moving.

* Morphology: This describes the shape of the sperm. Most commercial laboratories will report WHO morphology (i.e. use World Health Organization criterion). 30% of the sperm should be normal by these criteria.

* Volume: This is a measurement of the volume of the ejaculate. Normal is 2 milliliters (2 ccs) or greater. The volume may be low if a man is anxious when producing a specimen, if all of the specimen is not caught in the collection container, or if there are hormonal abnormalities or ductal blockages.

* Total Motile Count: This is the number of moving sperm in the entire ejaculate. It is calculated by multiplying the volume (cc) by the concentration (million sperm/cc) by the motility (% moving). There should be more than 40 million motile sperm in the ejaculate.

* Standard Semen Fluid Tests: Color, viscosity (how thick the semen is) and the time until the specimen liquefies should also be measured. Abnormalities in the seminal fluid may adversely affect the sperm. For example, if the semen is very thick it may be difficult for the sperm to move through it and into the woman's reproductive tract.