New and have questions...

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New and have questions...
Tue, 07-02-2013 - 7:48pm

Hello everyone!

I am kind of new here, I posted a few times before maybe a year ago but I am back.  My name is Sarah and I am 31 years old.  I have delt with PCOS, I dont know if I stil have it but I have.  I have a beautiful 6 year old little girl named Summer, it took 4 long years to concieve her...

So now for my question...

My cycles are between 38-40 days.  My last period was on June 2nd.  I went on the ovulation calendar and I am due for AF around July 12th.  It said my fertile days were June 25th through June 29th.  I BD on Friday, June 28th.  Then on Sunday I had a milky like CM and was kind of sticky.  One Monday and today I had clear, little watery CM and it streched about an inch. 

So my question is with that being said are my chances good of concieving?  And Since I BD on Friday, and lets just say I did ovulate on Monday or Tuesday, is there still a good chance of concieving?

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Wed, 07-03-2013 - 3:43pm

Hi Sarah!  Sperm can hang around for a few days, so you do have a chance at catching the egg.  Did you have a lot of mucus on Friday or Saturday?  If you did that would help.  How have your cycles been the past few months?  It sounds like you stay pretty regular, that's a good sign!