O Symptoms - When did I O??

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O Symptoms - When did I O??
Sat, 02-25-2012 - 10:35pm
Ok I'm confused on when I might have ovulated, so I can't figure out how many dpo I am. Here is a breakdown of my history...

Cycle 1 was 28 days
Cycle 2 was 27
Cycle 3 was 30 and AF arrived on 2/8

Cycle 4 - used opks this month starting on 2/16. Was light or negative until 2/20 when it got a little darker, 2/21 was a little darker, 2/22 was definitely darker but not a 100% match. That was my last test.

Breasts - sore starting 2/21 or 2/22, really sore and painful 2/23, 2/24 just a bit sore and kinda ok today, 2/25.

CM - was taking Zyrtec 2/18 through 2/21. Noticed lots of cm on 2/23 and a bit on 2/24.

I assume I Od 2/23, but everything I'm reading up on says sore breasts are a symptom of O not the surge. That it's common to have sore breasts or nipples on O and after. So did I O the day before or even the day before that?

We bd every other day from 2/18 to 2/24, so we are covered there :)

Thoughts / advice?


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Sun, 02-26-2012 - 8:38am
That's interesting. I didn't know about the sore bbs being a symptom of o. I never have sore bbs mid-cycle. I did read yesterday though that you are ovulating when you feel the wettest from cm discharge and that cm color does not necessarily predict ovulation. Some people o when they have clear and never have ewcm at all. I think I messed up this month because I assumed that ewcm appearance meant ovulation, but I had more cm the following week and it was clear. I think that was when I was most fertile because if the ewcm was an indicator, I'm past my 2ww now and still no AF and no BFP either.
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Sun, 02-26-2012 - 12:45pm
Yeah, tough for me to read cm this time around because of the Zyrtec - it dries you up.

The cm I had on the 24th was more white so not the typical o cm.

Cm is always tricky to read...

Last month I was late and no bfp. AF came late. Fx for you though!!!