okay, back again.

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okay, back again.
Wed, 11-28-2012 - 2:19pm

So, September was rough. My period never came- what a cruel joke.

October - had spotting around the time my next P would be due. Then it stopped for a day, then a light flow the following day. Never had that happen before, but i guess after just missing a whole month, my cycle wasn't back to normal.

So, i was due for AF on November 25. I couldn't track O very well this month. I tried temping but i woke up at different times all the time so i could never get a true temp. I stuck with just monitoring EWCM. It wasn't as concrete as it was in past, so not sure if i did O on time. I know i eventually O'd because my breasts are really sore - a sign for me that i O'd. If i did O on time, my AF is now 4.5 days late. Since my breasts are sore, that means AF should come soon, even if it were late - - i give it until the end of next week to come.

I have not even attempted to take a pregnancy test after it being negative every month for 14+ months so far!!

I am determined to just wait until the evil witch comes - and then if it doesn't show up by the end of next week, then i will test.

I don't want to hold my breathe or anything as I am tired of the disappointment. It also means that I wil have to start seeing a doctor and run tests to figure out why I am not getting pregnant. I really hope it doesn't reach that point.

So, we will see. Maybe I will have an early Christmas present soon!!

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Thu, 11-29-2012 - 2:38pm

You have a lot more willpower than I have, I wish I could hold out testing for so long.  I'm tired as well with putting myself through testing too early each month.  Best of luck!