OV Watch?

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OV Watch?
Wed, 03-14-2012 - 10:36am

Hi, I am new to this board. I have been TTC for about 6 months, but have not achieved pregnancy yet. My recent exam with my GYN was good, and she had no concerns. She said everything is normal and looks great, and she doesn't see any reason why I can't get pregnant. She said if I didn't get pregnant in 6 months to go see her again. Now would be the 6 month mark since then.

I have been using the CBFM and thinking that our timing was right, but we have not got that BFP yet. I have purchased the OV Watch. (www.ovwatch.com) has anyone tried the OV Watch?

My question for those who have used it, is, do I set it at night before I am going to start wearing it to bed? Or, can I set it when AF shows if it is early in the day, then just start wearing it at night?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you, and good luck to all.

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Wed, 03-14-2012 - 12:45pm
I've never heard of this so I don't have any advice for you. I think that is very fascinating and I'm tempted to look into getting one. I don't usually get a true positive OPK, just a fade in pattern and then back to negatives. I've tried regular and digitals and never get a positive, but BBT's show I'm O'ing. This may be a good thing for me to try.