P.I.D and Infertility, anyone else have that?

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P.I.D and Infertility, anyone else have that?
Mon, 10-22-2012 - 10:41pm

Hello Ladies!

I  hope everyone's day went better than mine! just got back from my first doctors appt with my new GYN since moving to Vegas and he was super nice and when we were talking about my past GYN history I mentioned I had PID once like 7 years ago and my old gyn doc gave me some antibotic and that was it. Never told me anyting else and no follow up! My new doc tells me that the PID (pelvic inflamatory disease) might be causing my inferitlity issues! I was so upset because my past doc NEVER mentoned anything at all to me about PID scarring in my uterus or blocking any tubes. Then when I tried to call my old doc for my records, he is now out of practice with tons of law suites and one of them is for not informing patients about their tests bad results or not properly treating patients with the correct medicine. After checking around the meds i got 7 years ago it were not the correct med to give me! Im so upset and now i have to go thru several tests on wednesday to see if i have blocked tubes or uterine scarring, im beyond pissed now!

Has anyone on here ever had PID?

Frown Jessica

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Tue, 10-23-2012 - 3:21pm

Oh, Jessica, that is so awful :( I'm so sorry that you weren't treated correctly, sending you lots of (((HUGS))). I hope that your current doctor can provide you with a lot of help.