possible solution for irregular period

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possible solution for irregular period
Thu, 04-10-2003 - 12:20am

My periods are also irregular and since I am so young I don't qant to go the medical route. I do ovulate, so says the ovulation predictor kits I have purchased. I have been charting for a month now and checking cm. My cycle ranges from 23 days to 30 days so tracking ovulation is hard and ovulation midstream tests become expensive. I recently made a great purchase that I recommend to all who are irregular. I purchased a Lady Q ovulation predictor microscope. It's a saliva based ovulation predictor which you can use over and over and I got it for 27 dollars. It seems to be working so far. I am about to ovulate according to this microscope. You can look up the info on http://www.meditests.com/ovpredteslad.html .

If anyone else has had one of these or is currently using one, please let me know how it's going.

Good luck to all.