Preseed and the pill

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Preseed and the pill
Tue, 07-24-2012 - 8:27am
So I have 2 boys now n figured I wud try for a girl. We tried about 3 months of swaying with no luck and now its been about 7 months of just trying. I'm pretty fed up with ttc and wish sex could be enjoyable instead of a job. My doctor tolled me I have a tilted uterus which can make getting pregnant harder and decided to put me on orthocyclin. Well I am actually on the generic brand monessa. I have been on it for a month n just started my 2 day of the pill for this month. I feel like I an doing the opposite of what I should be should be doing to get pregnant. It has helped bring the romance back but after this month I want to start trying again and heard about preseed. Haven't done much research on it cuz I just barely figured out what it is and where to get it lol. I am wondering since I have only been on it a month, and next month will be 2, are the odds in my favor or should I stay on the pill one more month to make a total of 3 months?
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Wed, 07-25-2012 - 12:07pm
Preseed raises your ph making it sperm friendly. To sway girl the idea is to lower your ph to somewhat kill off the boy sperm. Girl sperm, in theory, are stronger and can handle a lower ph. Foods you eat play into this as well.

Preseed is sperm friendly and the odds tend to favor boy. I've used other lubes that lower ph but after a few months I got over it. I just want a baby no matter the sex. A girl would be nice though.

Here is a helpful link I found: