Q's for those on progesterone...

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Q's for those on progesterone...
Thu, 08-04-2011 - 6:41pm
Or more specifically, Aygestin (norethindrone). I was prescribed this today by my doc to take on CDs 16-25 due to spotting before AF. I just wondered if anyone has experienced any bothersome side effects while using progesterone supplements. Also a few of the precautions listed that concern me are to avoid prolonged exposure to sun, excessive alcohol, and to let the doc know if you experience depression. Okay, to clarify why I'm concerned about those 3 in particular: 1. sunlight - we are going to Hawaii in September, 2. alcohol - did I say we are going to Hawaii in September? LOL (not that I will drink excessively, but will drinking some affect anything?). And also, it says to notify your doctor if you plan on taking long trips/plane rides because of risk of blood clots - its a 9 hour flight, and 3. depression - I have a history of anxiety problems which I think were a little on the lines of depression, though I wasn't diagnosed as being depressed. Any thoughts on these? Any insight would be greatly appreciated! I plan to call my doc with my questions tomorrow, but thought I'd ask the wise ladies of IV as well. :)
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Thu, 08-04-2011 - 7:04pm
You say you're going to take it starting on cd16 but you usually don't O til later, right? I don't have personal experience but I know that you need to wait & confirm O before starting the progesterone. If you take it before you've O'd then you might not end up O'ing or delaying it. I'd bring it up to your dr before taking it & bring up your other concerns too. Also, make sure hubbie is on the look out for the side effects -especially as far as depression is concerned. He'll probably notice things before you do

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Thu, 08-04-2011 - 8:44pm
I am on prometrium...I start taking it the day after I ovulate and am supposed to take it till 14 dpo and then if I have a negative pregnancy test to stop taking it and my period tends to come a few days after I stop taking it. If you ovulate late (like I do) you might want to ask your dr if you need to ovulate before you start it. My last dr. didn't seem to think it would hurt if I started the progesterone before I confirmed ovulation, but I was just worried that it might mess something up & since I track O anyway I don't start it until the day after ovulation.