Question about HSG

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Question about HSG
Thu, 04-10-2003 - 1:38pm
I'm beginning preliminary ferlitily testing, and this was mentioned yesterday at the doc's appt. I understand what it is, my question is was it painful? I've read (and was told yesterday) to take a motrin before coming in because it can get a little crampy. I try not to be a wuss, but I'm prone to SEVERE cramping, even during regular paps, to the point of nausea sometimes.

I'm interested in everyone's experience, good and bad.



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Thu, 04-10-2003 - 5:41pm
If you are that sensitive take thier advice.

I haven't had exactly the tests you are but I have done egg donation and they needed to make sure I was fertile.

Some of the things they did were:

STD testing (swabs inside the vagina)


Vaginal Ultrasound

BIG blood draw

I hope this helps a bit.

Good Luck :)


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Thu, 04-10-2003 - 10:42pm
This is funny because I just posted a similar question. I had an appointment the other day to discuss my fertility (been trying for a year), and they're going to do a blood test tomorrow - actually several tests - and the HSG on Monday. They warned about cramping and said to bring extra pads because of the dye they use. I'll definitely take drugs beforehand because I'm a wimp too. I'll post about my experience after I get back home on Monday.



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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 12:06am
Take the motrin. I don't want to scare you, but people usually say an HSG isn't painful. I found mine to be painful, though it didn't last too long. They apply suction to your cervix and it felt like bad cramps (even contractions, though it lasted longer). If the radiologist is skilled it shouldn't take too long, but if a tube is blocked or the dr. loses suction it will take awhile longer. They may even suggest you breathe or visualize through it. Once the suction is removed it rapidly feels better, though I felt moderately crampy for the rest of the day.

I rarely take anything for my period anymore, but I definately would for another HSG!

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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 12:26pm
I had 2 HSG's done - the first one was a nightmare, but I think that was unusual. The dr inserted the tube too far, ran the test, it gave him results he did not understand. So what did he do? He left me lying there for 20 min - with the balloon pressing against the cervix to keep the tube in place - while he went off to do another test! He came back, redid the test and informed me my left tube was blocked (I had an ectopic in my right tube). Then he told me and dh there was no chance the test was wrong.

Two months later I repeated the test with a different dr. I kept waiting for him to start, and he tells me the test is over. It was not as bad as a pap even. Plus, both of my tubes were wide open. I took 4 Advils an 1 hr before the test to help relax the muscles. Most women who take the test report experiences similar to my second test. Also, my RE prescribed a Valium pill to take beforehand to help relax me. I never took it, but if you are very anxious, you may ask him for one.


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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 8:10pm
I'm reposting this from a post that I just did. I had my HSG today and wanted to report my experience. Sorry for the duplication, but I wanted to reply to your message.

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I mentioned in my first post last week that I was going in for an HSG today. I don't know the results for sure because I have to go back to discuss them with my doctor. I am a military spouse, and the military system, as many of you probably know, is not the best place to do these things. They had ten of us in a group and we had to wait in skimpy gowns while each one took her turn. Ugh. And, of course, they don't take any time to discuss the results with you, so you have to come back for that.

Anyway, for those who are nervous about the procedure, it was as people told me it was - not too bad and over quickly. It starts like a regular pelvic exam, but then they insert a tube into your cervix to inject a dye into the uterus. That part is painful - like a sharp cramp. But it eventually subsides and once they take the X-rays and remove the tubes, the cramping is gone. The whole procedure took 10 minutes. Although I was a little shaky, I felt fine by the time I left the clinic. Most women brought their husbands because they were told that they should have someone drive them home. I was fine by myself (husband couldn't come) - I even went shopping on the way home. But others may have needed it - at least for moral support.

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