Questions on timing...

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Questions on timing...
Wed, 10-17-2012 - 2:59pm

Hi everyone.  My name is Laura and my dh and I just started TTC, so I am new at this. 

I am a mom to two beautiful surprises, I have been very lucky with my pregnancies and this time we actually decided to plan our baby. =)

My question is that dh and I dtd on the 22, 28, and 6th and a few times since. Wink  I know I ovulated on the 26-27th because I have pretty bad ovulation pain and could tell.  On October 4th I had pretty bad cramps and was very nauseous, it was really bad on the 4th but has lingered until today.  

I was hoping that the pain and tummy ache on the 4th were because of implantation, but here it is the 17th and my tests are still negative.   My period was due on the 12th, and I still don't have it.  Is there any possible way that I could be pregnant and it just took longer than I had thought?

Here are the dates layed out for you all =)

September 22nd - dtd
September 26-27th - Ovulation
September 28th - dtd
October 4 - bad cramps and sick to stomach
October 6th - dtd
October 12th - AF show 
October 7th to 17th have been testing - all negative and still no AF

Thanks for any help.  If I am not pregnant I just want my period so I can start over this month. =)



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Fri, 10-19-2012 - 2:56pm

Hi Laura, welcome to the board! It's hard to say if you are pregnant because you had sex several days before you ovulated, but those spermies can still hang in there sometimes!  Because you aren't getting a positive though, leads me to believe that you aren't.  You could ask your doctor for a blood test to make sure you are or aren't, you could also ask them about meds to start your period.  Please keep us posted on what you find out.