This is so confusing... help?

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This is so confusing... help?
Fri, 09-14-2012 - 1:44pm

So I started charting last month and temping this month and from what I can tell - my cycle is just plain weird.  I'm on cd19 and there is no sign of any preovulation symptoms (ie: cervical mucous) and my temps are all over the map.  *sigh*  My cycles tend to range from 32-35 days so I know they're a little longer than 'average' but I'm thinking by cd20 I should be close to ovulating - no? 

I'm guessing I need to give it a couple more months before I can show my doctor anything for her to be able to 'help' me conceive.  Is there anything you'd suggest I try at this point?

I guess I'm worried that I'm not ovulating and that I've just had periods without ovulation up until this point :smileysad:

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Sun, 09-16-2012 - 7:28pm

Girl Im in the same boat. For crying out loud look in my signature below at my bbt chart its all kinda cray-cray!! Dont freak, you may have just started temping the same month your lady parts decided to not be very nice and not ovulate as it seems to be in my case, disappointing i know. (1st month back temping and seems like no O. ) I serched for a few things around ivillage. They are just q & a's but have good info. There is also a board for bbt charting. That link is below also. 

p.s. the CL for that board can make a mean siggy. She did mine and I lurve it!

and here is a board specifiaclly for charting your bbt