is everyone?!

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Sat, 12-29-2012 - 10:38am

Hi again...I've been on and off this board all year. Sometimes I just stop by to check on you all, sometimes I think about re-joining but then I have a change of heart. I took a break from here because TTC has nearly torn me apart, as well as causing major problems between me and my fiancé. This would be his first baby and the fact that I have two beautiful healthy children with my ex-husband devastates him. He loves my son and daughter like his own and would do anything for them, but he is desperate for a baby that's biologically his. I arrogantly thought it would take maybe a few months, six months maximum, however this the end of cycle 9 and nothing has happened. I got pregnant with my son and daughter practically just by looking at my ex-husband! I've never had to try and try and try like this before. 

Anyway, how are you all doing? I notice that a few of you are still here too :-( Socal? Qtch? Madpie? Smth? angel24? Xbeautifulx ? Its lovely to see the familiar names as I scroll down the page, but heartbreaking at the same time. I joined back in March, and Brooke, you for one had already been trying for months before that, I can't imagine how frustrated you must be.

Good luck everyone xxx

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Tue, 01-01-2013 - 10:37pm

Hello!!  Bittersweet to see you, and everyone else.  I wish we'd see more stickier beans around here, but its always good to have the company in this journey - especially when the boards have been so quite lately.

I'm doing good. On cycle 14 now, AF due Saturday.  So far, I'm doing great at holding out from testing.

I understand the tension ttc can cause. My situation is not the same, but it still causes stress.  DH would be fine just with DS. I love DS with all my heart, he is my world, but I want another. I want to give him a sibling, and he wants to be a big brother, more than anything.  He was so easy to concieve. Why is this time so incredibly hard?  I got the green light to go on clomid next cycle.  I'm nervous about it. Ins won't cover it, so it will be pricey, but I also dont think I really want to admit I need help.  Man, that just totally sucks. I'm a woman, I should be able to make babies damn it!  Argh. So I'll wait til Saturday and see what happens.

Since its been a few days, how are things going with dh now?


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Thu, 01-17-2013 - 4:15am

I'm sorry your going through this. I wish it was a lot easier for you. It's so frustrating. took me 13 months for dd (my 1st) and can only imaging whats in store this time around. What kind of stuff are you dong (bbt, SA analysis) if you don't mnd me asking or prying I should say.  :)