"Tells You 6 Days Before Your Missed Period"

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"Tells You 6 Days Before Your Missed Period"
Sun, 02-05-2012 - 5:37pm

I was thinking about the First Response Pregnancy tests or those that advertise "Tells you 5/6 days before your period is due"

I wonder if they base that on a 14 day luteal phase or more? Because it would depend on that.I have a 12 day luteal phase so if I went by their claims I could get a positive result at 7 DPO. But someone with a 14 day would be 9 DPO when their period was due in 5 days.

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Well, I'm not exactly sure what they base it on, but after charting for some time, my luteal phase was always 14 or 15 days, and I got a very clear positive with a FRER at 10dpo, which would have been either 4 or 5 days before my period was due.

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They're basing it on the "standard" cycle I think. Ovulation would be day 14, AF would be due day 28. So 6 days sooner would be Day 22, which would be 8 days post O.

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I don't know for certain, but they're probably basing it on the "standard" 14 day luteal phase. I bought some tests online from babyhopes that claim to tell you 8 days before a missed period. I just bought them because they were cheap, but I was surprised that there are tests that sensitive. We'll see if I can hold out on testing too early this month.
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