The test results are in.

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The test results are in.
Sun, 04-01-2012 - 4:42pm

I have gotten most of my blood work back including the CD 3 tests I had done today. 99% of it is great news. Most of my hormones are in the normal range. My thyroid seems to be working just fine. The only number that was a little bit elevated was my FSH. It was at a 10.9 and I think they want it below a 10. So a little bit high but not awful. I think it just means I need to be a bigger pain in her butt about getting me back on Clomid again as soon as possible. I am working hard and losing weight so she can't say I am not trying. I have a follow up visit with her on May 9th to discuss all of the test results including the ultrasound I have scheduled on Thursday. We will see what she says then. I am pretty sure she still will not give me the Clomid at that point. But I am looking forward to showing her that I am doing my part and working hard. So she better get her pen and paper out because before long she will have to write me a prescription. Or if I am really lucky I will get pregnant on my own. I have done it before and I have had 2 healthy pregnancies that resulted in 2 healthy births and have 2 healthy children. I just have to keep the faith that I can do this ... ya know before I run out of eggs. LOL

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Sun, 04-01-2012 - 5:56pm

Good Luck!! :smileyhappy:

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Mon, 04-02-2012 - 10:39am
Good luck!! Glad everything checked out for you :)