Trying to conceive

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Trying to conceive
Tue, 04-15-2003 - 11:50pm
I have been wanting to get pregnant for a long time. Now my husband is ready and i could really use some good tips as to what works and what doesn't. I also want to know what are the first signs that you are pregnant. I think i might be, but i am not sure. and if i am not i need the tips so i can get pregnant. the sooner the better. Thanks
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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 3:29am
The first signs of pregnancy is a missed period followed by a positive pregnancy test.

Everything else is worthless as there are dozens of reasons to feel that way and pregnancy is only one of them.


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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 10:23am
They have got a ton of really great links, articals, tips and basics up at the top of the board. The best info I have had is to watch for fertile cervical mucus (like when you wipe you will see mucus on the tp,) It ranges from dry (non at all-infertile) to stretchy clear or cloudy, kind of like egg whites slippery and can stretch up to an inch or two. This is your most fertile CM (cervical mucus)and it occurs right around ovulation. It usually starts 3-6 days prior to O, increasing around O time. During your fertile CM is the time to BD (baby dance, making babies, intercourse) After O your CM dries up within a day or two, then you have the 2 weeks waiting (aprox, it can be 10-16 days) and you either start your period or don't if prego.

Pregnancy symptoms *can* set in after implantation (5-10 DPO, days past O ) and can be AF (aunt flo, period)like cramps, fatigue, frequent urination, aching or tingling breasts, ms (morning sickness), more prominant veins on breasts, chest, hands etc, or you may get non of the above and still be prgnant. As stated in the post above, the ultimate PRE symptom is no AF (or light spotting instead of regular period) and a BFP (big fat positive HPT home pregnancy test) Good luck and hope this helps!