TTC almost 2 year

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TTC almost 2 year
Sun, 07-31-2011 - 9:45pm

Hi All

Single mom to an internationally adopted son, age 9 3/4; adopted at age 2.5 months from country of Georgia; diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and developmental delay issues

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Mon, 08-01-2011 - 2:02pm
Hi Suzanne, welcome to the board! That's great that you have the option of going to Canada, I wasn't sure how the clinics there would handle it. We do have an IVF Support, Advice & Friends board if you are interested:

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Tue, 08-02-2011 - 9:07pm
{{HUGS}} I know it's tough. Hang in there. I hope you can get into the Canadian clinic soon. Also, I hope you can get some answers! I know the hardest part is not knowing.

Best of luck!