Two periods in one month..

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Two periods in one month..
Wed, 08-08-2012 - 12:08am
Well ive been TTC since April. In june i had a period start on te 11th. It was a medium flow. Ended around the 17th. Then a few times durig sex i started bleeding some. On june 28th i started bleeding again, it was pretty heavy. On july 11th i went to the ER because of the heavyiness. It didnt stop till the 18th. So from June 28th till July 18th it was constant bleeding. Im not sure whats going on exactly or if I even ovulated. I didn't use any sort of kit to find out. But now its August 7th and still no period, i understand it just ended on July 18th but its all messed up. So im scared to test, because technically im "late", but maybe not. What do you guys think.
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Wed, 08-08-2012 - 3:36am
How weird my name us Kelsey too and I have had two periods in a month also. Strange. Have u taken any tests? How long doyour periods usually last? Mine are about 4 days but since I started the pill they lasted 8 days n this one has been like 10 or something. So I have been on my period all damn month lol. I got my July 16 n was suppose to get it the 11th n I got this one some time around the 27th I think. I didnt really pay attention cuz I thought it wud only be a day or two.
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