Two Week Wait!!

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Two Week Wait!!
Wed, 02-15-2012 - 1:03pm

Hello Ladies,

I am 4dpo and this TWW seems like a drag so far, especially since I hardly have any symptoms. I had one day of minor twinges on my left lowed pelvic area and that was it. I am ever so sensitive to anything my body is doing right now but nothing much is happening. I know it is still too early but I praying for cramps, BBS tenderness, Implantation dip...anything..

Do join me in your TWW and share your symptoms. Hopefully we will all end up with BFPs!! :)


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Sat, 03-24-2012 - 7:42pm
BFN is big fat negative (negative pregnancy test), BFP is big fat positive, DPO is days past ovulation. I can't find it on my phone, but there is a list of abbreviations somewhere. If someone finds them maybe they can repost them?

Couple others you may see are AF (aunt flo), 2ww (2 week wait), which refers to the time between ovulating and your period, 1ww (1 week wait), O (ovulate), BD (baby dance).

Hope that helps a little bit!

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Sun, 03-25-2012 - 10:39pm

Hello ladies! im not really sure when i O'd, but AF should be here on the 7th.