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Hey everyone, I posted a few days ago in the TTC w/ PCOS board (the entry is here) and I wanted to write an update. I wasn't sure where to post it since I am not diagnosed with PCOS, I just have some signs in my bloodwork. I was anxious about testing but I did, just to get a BFN. I'm still optimistic that my timing is off & that I should wait a little more to test again, but it's always really hard to get that result. Tomorrow I am scheduled to get bloodwork done so I'll know for sure. I was previously scheduled for an ultrasound on the 20th before my suspicision of pregnancy signs to check on the cysts that my doctor had seen before starting my progesterone. I'm anxious to see that too. I guess I'm just a little nervous as well as a little depressed about it all. To make matters worse, I found out about so many pregnancies in the last week. One of my old high school friends just told me she's expecting, as did my old room-mate. Even one of my neighbors pulled me aside to share her good news. It always seems like everyone is getting those BFP and not me. But I know all you ladies understand, so I'm glad I can share.

I'll keep you guys updated


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Sorry you have to go through so many tests and uncertainties. It sucks things aren't working out as fast and smoothly as you would hope. Maybe the ultra sound will show a happy surprise!

I got on facebook, and saw 3 different pregnancy posts. I'd been out at a small town festival before that, and heard all about the local newly pregnant ladies. You are right, they are absolutely everywhere! I'm new at TTC and haven't figured out a way to face them yet. Except burning jealously and a desire to shout "That's going to be me soon!"

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