urinary tract infections/conception

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urinary tract infections/conception
Sun, 03-30-2003 - 7:47pm
Every since I've been sexually active, unless I urinate immediately following sex, I get a urinary tract infection. Now, at age 35, my husband and I are trying to conceive. From what I hear, it would be counter productive to immedietely get up & urinate following sex. So, I tried this 2 days ago & sure enough got a UTI. I'm worried due to my age that I'm significantly reducing my chances of concieving by doing this. I can't believe I'm the only woman with this problem. What should I do??
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Mon, 03-31-2003 - 10:21am
You are NOT the only woman with this problem. You could have been describing me! Until we started TTC, I had gotten my UTI's under control with the help of my urologist, but the first 4 months I was off BCPs, I got an infection. Then of course I would stress out thinking what if I'm pg and the antibiotics hurt the baby??? So, I finally went back to my urologist, and he put me on post-coital dosing of a pg-safe antibiotic (cephalexin, I think). Basically, the only time I got UTIs was after the fertile period, and I linked it to not getting up to urinate after sex. Now right before we bd (or right after if I forget) I take one dose of the antibiotic. Then it doesn't matter if I urinate after laying down for 20 minutes or I fall asleep, because I already have a high enough concentration of the antibiotic in my urine to keep the UTI away.

It has been an absolute Godsend for TTC because I haven't had a UTI in 8 months! I highly recommend you go see your urologist, explain the situation, and see if a similar program might work for you. (That sounds like one of those drug commercials, doesn't it? LOL)

Good luck. I hope you see your UTI-free BFP soon!!!


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I also had a problem with UTI's. My doctor prescribed an antibiotic as well, same procedure as the other person, to be taken right before/after intercourse. It works for me. No infections. And I was doing this when we TTC'd our DS, now we are starting to TTC #2.

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