Venting some frustration

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Venting some frustration
Mon, 03-31-2003 - 7:16pm
I'm just so tired of not being in control of the world. I know, that sounds stupid, but honestly I wish things would go the way they are supposed to go and stop kicking me around. Then I think about how great I have it compared to some people in the world and I think I should stop being down about it. I know I'm hardly in the "poor poor me" catagory of people. I have a great husband and son, a home, lots of extended family that love me... etc.

I guess what's made me so frustrated is that I had finally stopped postpartum bleeding and there was nothing for two days, and then yesterday I was spotting again and now it's in full force. ARGH! I'd think it was AF - which would make me happy - but it isn't nearly heavy enough for AF, and if I let myself get excited about a new cycle starting when I think I might actually ovulate, I just know tomorrow when the bleeding stops again I'm going to be ripping my hair out again. Just for once I'd like to tell my body what it was going to do and have it LISTEN to me.

Thanks for reading my venting. It feels good to get it out. Nothing like a little tantrum to make you feel better.