Well, I'm back post-fibroid surgery...

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Well, I'm back post-fibroid surgery...
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 7:39pm
Hi Everyone!

Well, I'm back after being gone for a few months to finally have surgery to have my very large uterine fibroid removed (7.5 cm). It was through the abdomen and very similar to a c-section surgery. I was kind of lucky b/c my RE said that when she opened me up in surgery that she saw that my fibroid was only within the outer layers of my uterus, so she didn't have to cut too deep into the uterine wall. This means I should still be able to have children vaginally if all goes well. Anyway, we have finally been given the green light to TTC. Of course we took advantage of it right away, since I O'd yesterday - didn't waste any time! Anyway, even though before I left this board we had been TTC for 18 cycles, now that I've had the surgery, it's like starting over since it's all cleaned up inside now. So I guess this could be considered Cycle 1 for us. AFNW on 4/9 So I guess that puts me under Holiday Hopefuls. Wow - trying to get used to the new format - is this a recent thing? Anyway, GL and hoping for lots of +++ for everyone!


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