what do you girls think? pregnant??

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what do you girls think? pregnant??
Sun, 06-30-2013 - 7:53pm

Hey!!! my name is jessica. little history to start. 

I am 27, in Oct 2012 I got pregnant! wahoo, we were so excited, my boyfriend is 30 and has a 4 yr old son, we were trying so that they would be close in age. skipping ahead, in January of this year, our son was diagnosed with Acrania, a rare nueral tube defect where the skull does not develop, so there is nothing to contain the brain. we recieved the 100% fatal prognosis and made the difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy (PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT MY DECISION THIS IS NOT ABOUT THAT.. thanks) 

I had my D&C on Jan 7th, and by mid february i got my period again... time to start trying? well by late feb my milk had come in, and my hormones were all out of whack, so we were using protection until we were ready to try again.. by mid march we decided we would give it a go... we want a big family. :-) 

my period is a little out of whack and im not sure why... I will have spotting for the first day, and then it will stop for about a day, and come back, where it will last 4-5 days. and my cycle is about 29 days. I'm not sure why my period is a little messed up, it has been since the surgery, so i was thinking maybe just getting back to normal post pregnancy. 

either way, this past month we had sex 4 times while i was fertile. (we got pregnant SOOOOOO quick the first time, he had had surgery and was recovering so we only had sex once when i was ovulating, and we got pregnant, on the first try)... so i feel as though maybe we are those few lucky people... 

moving on... my period was due today. (last start was June 1).... and i woke up, when i wiped i had a tiny bit of spotting (nothing like i usually get the first day) and only once.... instead of using a tampon i put on a panty liner, and it has stayed clean all day. I do have some gas, and bloating, but no period cramps.... I did not get morning sickness with my first pregnancy so i am not surprised that i do not have it now. my boobs are not really tender, but like the morning sickness, i had no symptoms when i was pregnant the first time, i know all pregnancies are different. 

either way, i took a hpt 3 days before my missed period, because i just needed to see, it was negative, but i am thinking maybe? I have no idea. has anyone ever had very very very light spotting the day they would normally get their period? (it was bright red, not pink, or brown, but a very small amoung im talking... on the toilet paper only about the side of a dime) 

also with my first pregnancy 5 days past my missed period i also had some spotting, bright red... could it be similar just early this time, it's too late for implantation bleeding right?

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Mon, 07-01-2013 - 5:55pm

Hello Jessica. I'm so sorry about what happened to you before, no judgement here. I can't imagine how painful it must have been for you to have to make a decision like that. I do think it's too late for implantation bleeding, unless you are wrong about when you ovulated. Your body could just be adjusting if it is indeed pregnant again. I would have a hard time not testing myself, have you had any more bleeding show up?