What is going on?

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What is going on?
Tue, 05-14-2013 - 6:39am

Hi Ladies

I don't know what on earth is going on this month!

I had intercourse in March on Day 11 of my 25 day period.  Had a light pink tinged tissue when I wiped on Day 22 and then AF turned up on Day 26.

DH has been away a lot this month and I've been poorly so no BD'ing this month, however I am now 5 days late for this month??  I also suffer from PMS and I don't seem to have had any this month.

Surely I can't be pregnant as I had a period last month?  I haven't done a test yet as I'm just hanging on for AF to show up and not have the disappointment of seeing the negative!

Anyone else experienced this?

B x

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Tue, 05-14-2013 - 2:02pm

That's strange, your cycle could just be off. Was your period normal last month or lighter than usual? Hard to say, are you going to test?