What size clothes to buy TTC?

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What size clothes to buy TTC?
Fri, 09-09-2011 - 12:11pm

Does anyone have clothes shopping advice? I'm a plus sized women on a budget, I usually don't buy many outfits at once. Since we're TTC, should I buy things that fit now or things that are too big? This will be my third pregnancy. My first I got away with baggy clothes and stretch (yoga) pants, never needed maternity items. The second time around, I ballooned and was in maternity clothes by the end of the second month. This is my first time TTC, I just went off the pill in August, so no idea how long it will take this time around.

I swore a year ago I would go on a diet and lose the weight, so I donated most of my winter clothes as motivation. Stupid move, now it's getting cold outside and I have very little clothing!

I went shopping and bought a few things at Target and Old Navy. I bought 2 pairs of jeans with stretch to them, I was in between sizes so i bought the bigger size. And I bought a few shirts that were looser and longer, mostly long sleeve cotton basics that I can layer under a cardigan or short sleeved shirt if we're not pregnant, or layer over a maternity tank if we are. If we get pregnant right away, the baby would be due early summer, so none of these looser shirts will be able to double-up as post-baby clothes, it will be too hot out.

Any advice on fall/winter clothes shopping?

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Fri, 09-09-2011 - 3:50pm

I'm a plus-sized gal too and hoping to get my BFP soon.........so, I haven't bought any new clothes in a while, except some dresses and some leggings because you can wear those in the upcoming colder months too AND they stretch and feel good. (Although this depends on where you live, I live in the southeastern US, so it doesn't really get THAT cold down here, I usually just wear a coat over my Fall clothes and forget it)

I guess just go with elastic and drawstring stuff. Although I do have several shirts that when I put them on I tell my DH that I "look pregnant/fat" in them, so I don't wear them, so when I actually do get pregnant, I can wear them. lol......

As for being due (and being at our largest size if we conceive soon) in the summer, I'd say summer clothes are the least expensive. Just buy some cheap tanks at walmart and some stretchy shorts/capris.

All in all, it depends on

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Tue, 09-13-2011 - 7:59am
I am on the same situation. I am a size 10/12 and I need to buy winter clothes cause I got rid of all my old stuff, just tired of it and worn out. So I went to Sears this weekend and bought leggings cause I like to wear those w my boots. I also bought size large sweaters, they look just okay now and also would fit if preggo. If we conceive soon our biggest size won't be until late spring. So u may be fine just getting a size bigger or lose fitting outfits. May I also suggest ur local thrift store. We have great thrifts here in my area.
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Sat, 09-17-2011 - 9:26am
I had this same question awhile but for bras. What I was advised, get some thing that fits you now. It's hard to judge when and how you'll change. I had a few plus size friends get preggo. One didn't gain much weight with her son and wore most of her own bigger flowing clothes. Another friend was already uncomfortable in her pants at 6 weeks. So they suggested getting clothes as you need them because it's a tough guessing game. I agree with pp, thrift stores are a good way to go.