When to test?

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When to test?
Mon, 09-12-2011 - 3:50pm

So I don't have a ton of hope that this will be THE month, but I still would like to test before AF is due. My only problem is I don't know when AF is due. I had an IUD for a couple years before I took it out and we just started using a plain old condom. While I had the Mirena I NEVER had a period. I took it out the beginning of the summer and August was my first real period since it was taken out (I'd had spotting thru the summer). Since it's been a while since I've had a period (before I got pregnant with my daughter) I'm not sure what to expect. Will my period be the same as it was a few years ago? Should I just go off what an ovulation calendar tells me?

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Mon, 09-12-2011 - 6:36pm

I'm in a similar situation, just coming off BC pills in August. It's nerve racking not knowing! My best guess (I'm not tracking temps) is that I O'd a bit late. I've heard that's really common going off BC.

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