Who knows about follicles?

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Who knows about follicles?
Thu, 02-02-2012 - 9:57am
I went in for my ultrasound Tuesday and they told me my left ovary had an enlarged follicle that looked like it was getting ready to release an egg. Good news! But I'm wondering why I'm feeling the pains and twinges on my right side?? I felt a very brief pain coming from the left side once last night. But for a couple of days, I've had more discomfort on my right side rather than my left. How fast do follicles enlarge? Is it possible that I O'd on both sides, but the ultrasound wasn't showing a follicle enlarged on my right yet? As long as I O'd, I don't care which side it came from, but I feel confused. Also, I'm on my 3RD day of +OPKs (I think), so who knows what's going on. I've had a couple of months recently with 3 +OPKs for some reason. Used to only be 2. Thanks for any info!
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Thu, 02-02-2012 - 11:35am
I wish I could help you, but I ahve no idea :) However, the last time I was pregnant I was at my ultrasounds and I had a corpus letum (not sure on the spelling on that) on my left ovary indicating that's where I O'd from, but had a lot of discomfort on my right side.

Great news they saw a nice follie though!!! Go get that eggie!!!!!!!

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Thu, 02-02-2012 - 9:29pm
Yay for good looking follies!! Prego that eggo Suz :)

I think it's interesting that Brew felt it on the other side. Goes to show we really have no idea what's going on in there!