AF has been

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AF has been
Thu, 04-14-2011 - 5:14pm
Kicked in the taco! One week till O time! I love having short cycles. I'm going with the less is more approach this month. Instead of bding every day I'm thinking an every other day approach is in order. My fertility fanny pack is fully stocked with baby aspirin, green tea, B6, prenatals and preseed.
Anyone else Oing soon? We need to get this done!
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Thu, 04-14-2011 - 5:28pm
Lol it's been a while since af has been kicked in the taco! As a fellow short cycler, I can appreciate getting that extra kick at the can each month...but hopefully there will be no more kicks to the taco! Fx'd you knocked some sense into that twisted tart & she steers clear of you next month!!

Let's hope your tweaks to the game plan will do the trick! We did our own version of less is more this cycle too. I am SO ready to get this done ;) Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thu, 04-14-2011 - 10:45pm

AF left 2 days ago. That was no doubt the wierdest cycle of my life...the shortest cycle, with the most pain, and the shortest AF I have EVER had! I'm hoping that is a sign that my body is finally figuring out what it is supposed to be doing.