Help needed!!!

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Help needed!!!
Tue, 03-08-2011 - 2:49pm

This is my first month trying OPK's. I bought a pack of 30 tests off Amazon but when they arrived I noticed that they are to be used with a $250 monitor. I'm not paying that for a monitor!! Well, just now (noon) i decided to try one to see if it works without the monitor,. There is a cap that you take off

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Tue, 03-08-2011 - 5:48pm
From everything I can find, you can not use the tests without the monitor. The results are not the same as a regular OPK. They slightly mimic the strips you get for a digital those, you can't read them without the device itself. :( Sorry. Maybe you can eBay them.

DPO is days past ovulation. Women ovulate differently, depending on their cycle length. You could try putting in your period date into a number of websites and the days in your typical cycle and it will generally tell you when your fertile week will be and when to expect your ovulation. has a good one, as well as ivillage.

Good Luck

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