Question for all my fellow late ovulation friends

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Question for all my fellow late ovulation friends
Wed, 09-07-2011 - 12:20pm

So I normally ovulate around CD23, that's my average but since TTC this year it has been as early as CD18 once and as late as CD27.

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I wish :)

I O'd on day 14 when i got pregnant with my daughter in 08, but this time around trying and being off my nuvaring, i have had wonky cycles. I O'd cd19 first month off than cd23 which got a bfp and than mc at 8 weeks and since than it has been cd17,cd 20, cd22, I am hoping there isnt a pattern and that I am getting later and later lol

My cycles have been a pretty consistent 31 days now for past few months and not the 28 like when I was using the nuvaring.

I really hope that you are Oing early :) gives my hope

I have noticed I will get a day or 2 of EWCM and darker opks liked i geared up to O early and than it just didnt happen til later, so frustrating, but my monitor has been right on with my high and peak days and correlates with my positive opks.

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Usually, my LH line is always there (but light) and then gets darker and darker until I get a positive. I typically O around CD 19-21, but a few months ago, I had a cycle where I O'ed on CD 15. So yes, as far as I know, it can happen.