Progesterone level high, but going down at 6wks.... ??????

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Progesterone level high, but going down at 6wks.... ??????
Mon, 01-23-2012 - 11:13am

I am freaking out - hopefully someone can help me?! I will be 6wks pregnant tomorrow.

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Your progesterone levels are very healthy, even after they've dropped but I can understand your concern completely. Maybe you could ring up and say you're concerned about them and would like to speak to a dr?

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I honestly don't know about it dropping, but mine at 7 wks was only 11.4, but my midwife said they don't treat it if it's over 9. Since you are very concerned about it, I would ask them to retest it, especailly around the 8 week mark. I would think it would level out, but it is worth the piece of mind to retest.

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Hi Tink,

I know it is so stressful, but the other posters are right, your level is still just fine. If you want to put your mind at ease, give them a call and ask questions. (((HUGS))) chica. Please keep us posted.





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I just wanted to chime in quickly to say that I've read (somewhere along the way) that progesterone levels, like many hormone levels, fluctuate based on many variables--- time of day, amount of sleep, breakfast or not, etc.... maybe that could be a contributing factor??? I agree that your numbers are fantastic, but completely understand your concern about a declining number. If you cannot make any progress with your doctor, you can always seek a second opinion... maybe call a fertility specialist vs a regular OB and ask what they would do. If the unanimous decision is that your numbers don't warrant supplementation, maybe you could ask for an early u/s (like VERY soon!! as you should see activity at the 6wks + mark), and that may help ease your mind.

I'm so sorry for your losses and that you have this added stress this time.

Good luck!
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