Did you name your angel?

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Did you name your angel?
Wed, 01-23-2013 - 10:44am

It's a very personal choice on whether it's a comfort to you by giving your angel a name.  Some members found that it helped them grieve the loss, while others felt that it was better for them to not make that choice.  

Did you name your angel?  

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Fri, 03-01-2013 - 5:29pm

We named Are daughter Kloie Lynn as she was born living. :) It is nice to have named her Held her and taken pictures of her!


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Sat, 02-02-2013 - 6:19pm
We named him Loghen Jean. We already has his name picked out before he was still born. My husband bought me a music box snow globe with his name, birthdate, and size engraved on it.

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