Feeling frustrated and depressed

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Feeling frustrated and depressed
Thu, 01-19-2012 - 9:34pm

Hi Ladies

I know I haven't been TTC actively for very long but that doesn't mean I haven't wanted it for the past 3 years anyway. I just recently found out that my sister is pregnant. This will be her 3rd child and I can't help but feel jealous especially since we are living in the same house and I have to hear about it constantly...I'm trying really hard not to be jealous but it's hard. When I was told I started bawling and normally I would wait until I was alone to do that but I couldn't control myself (maybe I really am pregant?) I have been dwelling on TTC this entire month, and I agree with my mom that I am probably becoming obssessed and that's not a good thing because if AF shows up on time I'm going to be devastated. I cry over the dumbest things lately. Earlier I was making egg salad for supper and as I was cutting up the eggs my sister came in and said "Ugh that really stinks it's making my stomach hurt." well I automaticlly starting thinking "It's not making my stomach hurt so I'm probably not pregnant." Which then made me want to cry. I hate being over emotional. I feel like I'm a wreck. My mom and I had a talk and of course I bawled my eyes out to her. Anyway I have so many symptoms but let me explain why I can't count them as symptoms.

1. My breasts hurt very badly ( My breats hurt ALL the time even when I'm not on my period. An ER Dr. diagnosed me with Fibrocystic Breast Disease) So how do I know it's the real deal?

2. I am naseous a lot (my gallbladder is really acting up and I have to have it taken out) So that could be that right there.

3. I am constipated (I am always constipated. I was diagnosed with IBS)

See my problem? I dwell on this too much obviously lol. AF is due on January 23 and I really hope she doesn't

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Fri, 01-20-2012 - 12:38am
Your completely fine .. I am so sorry your having a hard time :( .. I know the feeling all to well my husband and I have been trying since 2008 so I know the yearning and the frustration you have ... Hang in there sweetie and hope for the best this month that is you can do:)


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yep, normal to kind of let this consume us sometimes. when we want something so badly, do everything that we can do to try to make it happen, but realize it's still beyond our control, it can be a really hard pill to swallow. some months it seems like everything either reminds us of how badly we want it or about that it's something that seems just out of reach.

i totally get it, too, with the false/imaginary pregnancy symptoms. i take progesterone during my luteal phase, so that brings on symptoms. plus, i have UC (an inflammatory bowel disease), so i always have lots of pains. etc. in my belly and i often wonder if it's a baby or just gas moving around in there! ;) last week, i think i had pretty much every symptom under the sun (including boobs that hadn't been that sore since i was preggo). today, i'm on CD2.

looks like you should have either AF or a +HPT by now, so i'm hoping you have the latter!!


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