Husbands Dealing with Miscarriage

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Husbands Dealing with Miscarriage
Fri, 08-23-2013 - 4:19pm

This is a very moving and honest article from a husband on dealing with the grief and pain of his wife's miscarriages.  While it can be hard to read, I think that it's a good one for your SOs, while they might not grieve in the same way they still suffer pain: 

I was sad, angry and confused. Do I have any right to be this upset? Should I mourn this as the loss of a person? Am I even ALLOWED to mourn? I had no idea what to do but I wasn’t about to ask or complain, especially to a wife who just literally had the life sucked out of her. And even though my wife was lucky enough to have a great support network checking in on her, my instinct to repress everything was confirmed by the fact that no one asked how I was doing.

I felt alone and scared. I broached the subject with my wife but she was going through her own hell and I felt terribly guilty for burdening her with my feelings. The whole thing was further complicated by the fact that my wife and I were coping very differently.

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How has your SO dealt with their grief?  Are they willing to talk about it?