I don't understand!!!!

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I don't understand!!!!
Fri, 10-29-2010 - 4:55pm
So I went to the lab today and they took nine vials of blood, that's way too much, but I didn't faint. Most of my results are not back, my tsh is 3.9, worries me a little, different labs have different ranges, but I thought that was kinda high. My beta was 31. It was 38 last Friday, 35 Sunday and 31 today. The nurse is confused why it's dropping so slowly, any ideas???? I just wanna bleed already and get this over with. The nurse said something like we really need to figure out what's going on, yeah that would be nice. I would have thought I'd be bleeding my now and since I know his embie I'd not growing I just wanna bleed and move on, this sucks!
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Fri, 10-29-2010 - 6:23pm

I'm so sorry, being stuck in limbo really is the worst. I've been at this so long, I should have way more answers, but I'm just not the numbers person when it comes to matters of ttc. Hopefully one of the other ladies will have some insight, I know I've seen this type of question before and they have helped... I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and I'm sorry you're currently stuck in limbo...

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Fri, 10-29-2010 - 6:52pm

Im so sorry that you are still waiting to miscarry :( That is THE worst.

I hope it happens for you soon, so that you can get it over with and dont have to stay in limbo for too much longer.

As for your TSH levels, they should be around 2.0 to be able to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Hopefully when the rest of your lab results come in, your dr will go over everything with you and be able to start you on thyroid meds.

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Fri, 10-29-2010 - 7:59pm
Jen, it took me about a week to bleed after my betas started dropping from 26! It typically happens more quickly than it's taking for you but it's not totally abnormal :(
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Fri, 10-29-2010 - 8:28pm

Sorry jen, that sucks.

It can just take time for your body to figure out whats going on.

Do you know what kind of tests they ran?

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Fri, 10-29-2010 - 9:33pm
Thanks everyone!!!! I'm so sad and just wanna move on.
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Sat, 10-30-2010 - 10:06am

Jen, You have been in my thoughts and prayers these last few days. I am so sorry you have to go thru this. At least you have the tests done so that you can get some answers. I hate when they draw blood, they took 5 vials at the hospital only to tell me they checked my betas. Hope you can move thru this soon,


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Sat, 10-30-2010 - 12:37pm

Im so sorry.

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Sat, 10-30-2010 - 1:24pm
Jen, I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'm sorry your hcg is lingering around the same and not just dropping.
As for your tsh, it is high for ttc. Ideally you want to be at or below to to get and maintain a healthy pregnancy. Closer to 1 is even better. With my m/c my tsh was at around the same as yours and I really truly feel that it played a part.


As soon as I got my tsh down to around 1.4 post m/c I got a bfp and it's been sticky. I really really hope this happens for you too. I want you to get that sticky bfp!

Are you already on thryoid meds? If so they should just up your dose a bit, but if not I'd ask for some. My body responds within 2 weeks of taking them and my bfp was around 2 months post d&c, 1st cycle back trying.

I hope you're doing okay. Hang in there.

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Sat, 10-30-2010 - 9:20pm
Thanks, I really want to see a RE cause my doc is so laid back about all this, even when my tsh was 5.6 he didn't want me on meeds but if it helps me with a sticky bfp I want them. I don't know the results of my other tests. The nurse said if I come back rh negative I need a rhogam injection, did any of you have this? Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts. I am spotting now a little. I'm so sad and just want to move on, but don't know how. Thanks for listening!!!,