Any Survivor fans? or reality tv in general?

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Any Survivor fans? or reality tv in general?
Thu, 03-03-2011 - 9:02am

I was wondering if we have any Survivor fans - or fans of reality tv in general? I was thinking that if there's enough of us, we could try a weekly thread (the trying to lose weight thread didn't take off!). We could discuss our favorite reality shows of the week - just a little something to keep us occupied!

I'm a fan of Survivor! I'm sure there's more that I'm just not thinking of that I love as well!

So, Survivor fans - Russell... love him or hate him?

For me, I LOVED him in his first season - I loved the little things he did to try and cause chaos. I still think he's a great people reader, as well as a great persuader! I think he is great at playing the game of Survivor! But, I was kinda glad they voted him out last night - I thought that showed that the others on his tribe are not just puppets, I think with him being out of that tribe that we will be able to see what those still left actually have. I do hope he wins at redemption island though - I'd really like to see him back in later!

I do not agree with throwing a challenge this early though, I think they could have kept him around a bit longer - he is a GREAT competitor! But then again, he's so good that had they kept him around, he would have definitely weasled someone!

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