QOTD Aug 13th

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QOTD Aug 13th
Fri, 08-13-2010 - 2:32pm
Its Friday the 13th!
Are you a superstitious person?




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Fri, 08-13-2010 - 3:26pm

Not really, in that, I don't really think anything bad will happen to me because it's a certain day, or a black cat runs in front of me. But I had a VERY superstitious grandmother and great-grandmother, and I'll randomly find myself doing things to keep them happy even though my great-grandmother's been dead for 20 years, and my grandmother doesn't live anywhere near me to know what I do or don't do.

Some superstitions I'll keep, just because it's family habit -- the main ones that occurs to me is that you can't buy yourself an opal unless it's your birthstone (it's fine to receive it as a gift), and you never give a wallet or a purse without money in it (or else it's destined to remain empty).

I remember going through some serious hoops to get my mother to buy me an opal ring I wanted a long time ago, and "inventing" that I owed her money that she just didn't remember, and I "paid her back" and then commented on how I loved that opal ring, and sure wished someone had an extra $60 to buy it..... ROFL


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Fri, 08-13-2010 - 4:54pm
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Fri, 08-13-2010 - 9:12pm

friggatriskaidekaphobia - Fear of Friday the 13th

Just thought I'd jump in to share that :)

I'm not superstitious, but I found Kelly's ring story hilarious!




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Sat, 08-14-2010 - 10:13pm

I don't think I am too much. Ok, well, I won't walk under a ladder. LOL, so maybe I am a little!

Erica-- I tend to be sick on my b-day. It has been that way since jr high. Totally stinks.


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Winter 2008: back on BCP

Spring/Summer 2009: last chemo, radiation for DH

January 2010: bye-bye BCP, waiting

March 2010: green light to TTC

April 2010: BFP (4/1), beta ~900 (4/2)

May 2010: m/c (5/30) @12w5d

June 2010: regrouping, septum (SU) vs. BU

July 2010: looks like surgery this fall

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Sun, 08-15-2010 - 3:24am
Yes I suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia

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