Weekend Plans?

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Weekend Plans?
Fri, 11-12-2010 - 10:12pm

What are your plans for the weekend? Cleaning, errands, laundry, shopping? partying?

I dont have anything exciting going on right now, but if you do, please share!

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Sat, 11-13-2010 - 8:16am

Tonight there is a big food show in town. A lot of food network stars and local restaurants will be there. We got free passes because my husbands uncle is the food editor of our local paper. So that should be fun tonight.

Then Sunday is our 1 year anniversary!! We've been together 6 years but married for one now. We are going shopping and then to dinner and a movie. DH and I are off work all this week so I'm very excited. This is the first week we've been off together since our honeymoon last year at this time. It works out perfect too because my birthday is Wednesday and I should be O'ing later this week so we'll have plenty of chances to BD.

Hope everyone else has a great weekend!

Katie, DH, DD- Emma (11/27/11), #2 due 10/4/13 : )