2nd consecutive miscarriage. Need help

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2nd consecutive miscarriage. Need help
Fri, 04-11-2003 - 4:58pm

I've just had a second consecutive 'missed' miscarriage. And instead of being allowed to grieve, I'm having to decide again whether I should wait for it to be 'natural' like the last time, or go for a D&C. MY OBGyn doctor is very nice and says we can do whatever I'm comfortable with. I know I went through a lot of physical pain the last time and the D&C probably would spare me of that. With my first 'natural' one, I even went into ER on the 4th day after heavy bleeding, but it was nothing life threatening, more for my own peace of mind. And I'm pretty sure I can handle that amount of pain again. Whereas with a D&C I've heard of the risk of scarring and I'm terrified it might affect my future fertility or the ability to bear children. Has anyone heard of such a case. Please don't hate me for asking this. I hope I'm not worrying anyone with my post, but I'm so scared to do the wrong thing. Its like I have no confidence in any of my decisions.

I had AF exactly 28 days after my last mc and waited the 2/3 cycles we were advised and then conceived in the 2nd month of trying. So I'm just assuming a natural is better. I don't have any children yet and taking that small risk of a D&C scarring and it affecting anything negatively terrifies me. I know I'm paranoid, but please let me know if anyone has ever heard of such a case.

And goodluck to all you ladies TTCAM.



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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 5:15pm
first, i want to say i'm sorry to hear of your loss. i send you many (((((HUGS)))))! i just went through my first m/c 2 months ago. it was my first pregnancy. so i was pretty devastated. we're already TTC again... AF is supposed to show up today (it's CD28). so we'll see what happens. cross your fingers that she doesn't come. anyhow... to your question. i had a D&C for my m/c and i would completely recommend it. i, unfortunately, still had to go through all the labour pains. i went into labour the night before the D&C was scheduled... so i had to wait 'til 12 noon the next day for surgury. my doc said there wouldn't be any problems with scarring. maybe i was lucky though... i was dilated (from labour) so they really didn't need to force open my cervix. i was in terrible pain before the D&C... and afterward i woke up feeling physically fine, just a little tired. i would say try to go for a D&C. it's good for your body to get rid of all the left over material in your uterus. but it is totally your decision. i wish you blessings as you make this heart wrenching choice. just know that you have friends here to support you throughout. all the best...

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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 5:24pm
so sorry you have to go though this. my first mc was at 10 weeks. we found out we had lost the baby on a monday and they sent me home to "wait for a miscarriage." nothing happened for a whole week. i was so upset and just wanted it all to be over. finally i started to miscarry on my own the following monday, but the bleeding got so intense and the pain kept getting worse, so we went to the ER. i ended up having a d&c because i was bleeding so much. it was such a relief!!!!! i could move on, finally! and if it ever happens to me again (another later miscarriage) i will definitely get a d&c asap. my 2nd mc (two months ago) was at 5 weeks and it was nothing more than a regular period. but if it had happened a few weeks later and i had the choice, i would go for a d&c because of the emotional relief.

i hope you will find comfort in whatever decision you make. there's not really a right answer. this is just my opinion.


:) rebecca

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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 6:04pm
I'm so sorry for your loss. I've never heard of scarring from a D&C. I m/c at 10 weeks and started bleeding that night. I had to have a D&C because I was hemmoraging but my cervix was still closed up tight. I haven't had any problems from it, and I think that if it happens again, I'll have another D&C just for the simple fact that if I try to do it natural and not everything comes out, I'll have to have a D&C anyway. (It's to prevent endrimetriosis (SP) from happening) Even with my D&C, my period came exactly 28 days later.

Good luck to you in your decision.


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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 9:47pm
Welcome to the board Sabrina!! So sorry for your losses. ((hugs)) I am sure you will find friends and tons of information here! Good luck on your TTC journey! Crystal

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Sat, 04-12-2003 - 1:53am
I just wanted you to you that I'm sorry what your having to go through. I want you to know that I had 2 miscarriages & both I had a D&C done. And everything went fine. I now have a Beautiful Healthy 2 1/2 year old little boy that I love so much. Take Care!!! Amy
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Sat, 04-12-2003 - 3:08pm
Hello there and I'm very sorry for your loss. I was pregnant for the 1st time and M/C at 9weeks, I'm 33. I went to my DR on a Friday because of spotting and they saw no heartbeat. So right away we scheduled for a D&C to be done that coming Monday 4/7/03. On saturday i was having some very bad cramping and bleeding and found out that I had a partial miscarriage. I would have had to get the D&C anyway. I feel wonderful physicaly but still emotionaly challenged. I just wanted to let you know my 2 cents and that my DR said nothing about bad about the D&C. I go on April 22nd for my After M/C 2 week check-up. My DH and I can't wait to get the OK to start trying again. Good Luck to you!!!

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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 12:31am
I'm so sorry to hear about your M/C. I hope you & your DH can start soon again. I wish you both the bestest LUCK!!!