Anyone know about low progesterone?

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Anyone know about low progesterone?
Tue, 04-01-2003 - 8:35pm
Hi All,

My name is Heather and I just went through my first missed m/c a few weeks ago when I was 7 weeks pregnant. I went in for my first ultrasound, and they could only see a gestational sac and nothing inside. It was shocking, especially because I had never even heard of a missed m/c until then. Since then I have had a D&C.

My question is about low progesterone. I am 29 years old. It took my husband and me 6 months to get pregnant. During that time I was tracking my cycles and figuring out when I was ovulating. The pattern that emerged was that there was consistently only 6-8 days in between ovulation and when I would get my period, when it is normally 14 days. I went to the OB, because I read that this problem was caused by low progesterone. She prescribed Clomid to help me straighten out my hormones. However, I ended up pregnant the exact cycle before I was going to start the Clomid. At my first prenatal visit, I asked them to check my progesterone levels, and sure enough they were low, so I had to use progesterone suppositoriesm but this was when I was already 5 weeks pregnant.

I know that you can never really know why you m/c, but I have a strong suspicion that this low progesterone played a part. Soooo, my question is - has anyone else out there experienced the same thing? If so, how were you treated? Did you use Clomid or something to help with your hormones, and if so, did it help? Or did your doctor prescribe progesterone supplements to use from the time of ovulation until 2 weeks later? Or did you do nothing and end up with a healthy baby? I'm really trying to figure out what to do........

Thanks for "listening" and sorry this post is so long,


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Wed, 04-02-2003 - 6:13pm
Hi Heather. I dont' know if I can help but let me tell you my story. I too had a missed m/c. I found out at 10w5d that the baby stopped growing at 6w5d! I got pg 2 weeks after going off the pill and so never had a cycle to even figure out when O was or anything. My progesterone was really low too (13) and when they did the first bloodwork and found that out they put me on vaginal suppositories. But from what I've read that was too late. Progesterone only helps when given right after O. So after the m/c I had to have a D&C too. My cycles post-D&C were really messed up. First it took 40 days from D&C to even get a period, then I had a 9 day luteal phase, next cycle was long and there was spotting in between and the luteal phase was 10 days. So basically given my history of low progesterone I went to an RE. He put me on Clomid, Estrogen and progesterone from O day. HOWEVER, it doesn't seem to have helped much. I am now pg again and my first and second betas only showed progesterone to be at 12. I'm sure I will lose this pg too and I am so sad. I don't know why the Clomid didn't work. Maybe you have to be on it a bit longer than one cycle. My first appointment is MOnday and I'm going to find out what if anything could be done at this point (i.e. extra progesterone) or whether we might as well just assume I'm going to m/c. I have not allowed myself to get attached to this pg yet. I know it will end. Sorry to vent, hope that something helps in someway.