Back Again

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Back Again
Fri, 05-27-2011 - 12:27pm

**Pregnancy Mentioned.**

My name is Karen and I came to this board last September after finding out that I was going through a m/c. I had my m/c naturally at home at the end of October. Starting this year my husband and I have had unprotected intercourse but weren't really "trying" to get pregnant again. Still every time my period was coming around I'd buy a test (before I'd started my period) hoping to see a positive result. But I was always met with negatives.

Yesterday morning I decided to take a pregnancy test after having a dream that was all pregnancy related. The test came out as a faint positive. So I took one more. Again another faint positive. I called my husband to tell him that I think I am pregnant again.

But then yesterday early afternoon after using the bathroom I found blood on the tissue. It happened all afternoon/evening yesterday. It wasn't "bleeding" it only showed up on the tissue. I decided to take another test last night just to see and got a positive again.

This morning I woke up and used the first morning pee to test and got another faint positive. However I am now having to wear a pad for what I can described as light/moderate bleeding. I am having some lower back pain and very mild cramping. Yesterday the blood started out as a brownish color and now is more of a deep red.

I haven't been to the doctor's yet and cannot go today. I was going to call and talk to an advice nurse anyway but wanted to come here first as the ladies on this board are so helpful and supportive.

Could it be that I might be experiencing a chemical pregnancy? What confuses me is that I've read a few message boards that have talked about chemical pregnancies but they usually get a negative after the bleeding has started. With my last m/c I never had the bleeding. I only found out that I miscarried via a dating ultrasound.




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Fri, 05-27-2011 - 7:04pm
I am not really one to ask but I am sending my prayers to you sweetie it's very possible but I am not sure ...hang in there maybe go to er!??

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Sat, 05-28-2011 - 6:28am
Aww I'm sorry :( It does sound like a chemical due to the bleeding but you can't be sure of that. Also there is no rule as to when your test should go negative. Lots of women continue to have + tests through heavy bleeding. When you get a BFN just depends on how quickly your hCG level drops. It's by no means the same for everyone.
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Sat, 05-28-2011 - 11:54am
When I had my chemical pregnancy I actually thought it was AF right on time but I continued to bleed off and on and my bbs continued to hurt which was odd. After a week I tested and it was positive. Go figure. I had beats done and were going down.
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Sat, 05-28-2011 - 2:22pm
I would go get betas done, just so you can be sure. If they are going down it is most likely a chemical. and if they are going up, I'd want to know where the blood is coming from.

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