CD Roll Call - Week of October 3rd!

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CD Roll Call - Week of October 3rd!
Tue, 10-04-2011 - 12:44pm

Hi ladies!

Let us know your info and where you are in your cycle!



Waiting for:

Kelly, mom to 4 year old Lexi, wife to Rob TTC Number 2 since April 2010, with a loss in June 2010 at 4.5 weeks, and a loss in April 2011 at 8 weeks (possibly ectopic). Saw the RE in May 2011, we were moving forward with testing and an IUI when we
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Tue, 10-04-2011 - 9:39pm
Name: Courtney

CD: 27

Waiting for: AF.Got a bfn today.




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Tue, 10-04-2011 - 11:15pm

Name: Jan

CD: 1

Waiting for: the tears to stop coming every month

I'm new to the site.

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Wed, 10-05-2011 - 1:06am
Hi Jan,

I'm so sorry you had to find us here, but I hope that you find the support, understanding, hugs and laughs that you need on your TTC journey. There is a terrific group of women here.




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Wed, 10-05-2011 - 3:39am
Technically 13dpo because I'm 7dp6dFET. It's complicated.
Waiting for my beta on 10/11.
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Wed, 10-05-2011 - 9:18am
CD19, 9DPO
waiting to test this weekend (well, i've tested already, but i'm waiting for a viable testing day...i always test too early!)


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Fri, 10-14-2011 - 10:03am

siggy is so off right now

name: katja

cycle day: day 2 of first AF since 2nd miscarriage in august 2011

waiting on: