Cycle Day Roll Call - Week of July 10th

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Cycle Day Roll Call - Week of July 10th
Sun, 07-10-2011 - 8:54am

Name: Michelle

CD: 10

Waiting on: This afternoon to start with OPK's. I know it won't be + but I have to see a couple of neg's before my + so I know I didn't miss it!



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Name: Jaime
CD: 23
Waiting On: 1WW...will probably test on Saturday unless AF shows early like last month. But BBs are really sore this month like they were with my first PG, so I am holding the hope!
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Name: Kristen

CD: 4/5 I started spotting on 7/9 hoping it would go away, nope! BIG AF showed 7/10. I hate her!

Feeling like my body is a HOT mess from having Mirena IUD for 2 years and then a D&C at 21 weeks in 4/2011. My body hates me..... I've been having bad cramps and heavy AF (not normal for me!). I hate this! I feel like crying everyday....

Hoping I am actually O-ing, here's to lots of BD-ing in July!!

Good luck and baby dust to all you ladies!!

Kristen loving life with DH! So thankful for our kids.... DS -4/16/03 1st Miscarriage 8/2007 @ 13w DD -6/11/08 2nd Miscarriage our lil boy @ 21w - 4/28/11
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11 DPO here, tested yesterday AM with FMU, BFN, tested again yesterday evening on a dollar tree cheapie and saw a SUPER faint line, could have been an evap. Took a 2nd and I also thought I saw something (hubby confirmed). Woke up early with a FRER and another Dollar Tree, complete BFN. What is up with me lately? Some thing happened last cycle except I had 3-4 days of light, light lines. Ugh. Testing will continue, not feeling hopeful. Boo.

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Thanks britbraz2009!!