Cycle Day Roll Call...Week of 12/6

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Cycle Day Roll Call...Week of 12/6
Mon, 12-06-2010 - 5:12am

Name: Chouli

CD: 8 dpIUI!

Waiting on: Saturday so I can test.

Chouli, 34; DH 45 Lilypie Pregnancy tickers


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Mon, 12-06-2010 - 6:34am

Name: B

CD: 7dpo

Waiting on: I'm not waiting. I've been naughty and tested (BFN) today at 7dpo. What was I thinking?

B, loving wife to L. Proud Mum to William Luke (22 months) and expecting Samuel James in November. >

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Mon, 12-06-2010 - 7:17am

Name: Wendy

Waiting on: well, I'm on CD 26. Don't know when I O'd as I'm kinda doing the NTNP thing. Of course, now that I have OPK's that's going out the window!

We have decided that we're no longer going to test early. If AF doesn't show up by Friday, then I'll think about testing. But I don't think she will, as I had some light pink spotting a couple of days ago, which usually happens about a week before AF gets here.

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Mon, 12-06-2010 - 8:08am


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Mon, 12-06-2010 - 9:01am

Name: Torie

CD: 7

Waiting for: af... let's just face it. Yes I'm only on cd 7, that means I still have to have lots of sex, I still have to O, I still have to not manage to get pregnant, then she'll show - but she's gonna show... she always does.

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Mon, 12-06-2010 - 10:08am

Name: Michelle

CD: 27

Waiting on: I'm with Torie. Let's face it. I am waiting for AF so I can have sex like a maniac for another two weeks only to not get pg and wait on AF again. This is how my life goes.

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Mon, 12-06-2010 - 11:55am


CD 22

waiting to poas

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Mon, 12-06-2010 - 11:57am

CD 6

Waiting to O on CD 15 or so. I'll be bding everyday starting on CD 8.

Katie, DH, DD- Emma (11/27/11), #2 due 10/4/13 : )

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Mon, 12-06-2010 - 1:09pm


CD1 Finally! After 6 days of pre-AF spotting

Waiting for AF to go away.


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Mon, 12-06-2010 - 1:13pm
Name: Kelly


Waiting to test tomorrow......not our best month of trying though, so I think I will be getting a BFN.
Kelly, mom to 4 year old Lexi, wife to Rob TTC Number 2 since April 2010, with a loss in June 2010 at 4.5 weeks, and a loss in April 2011 at 8 weeks (possibly ectopic). Saw the RE in May 2011, we were moving forward with testing and an IUI when we
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Mon, 12-06-2010 - 6:17pm

CD 7

Waiting on. I guess O, but really more for being able to get back into the dr to start up where we left off.