Did anyone O 2 weeks after d&c??

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Did anyone O 2 weeks after d&c??
Mon, 04-21-2003 - 12:36pm
I had my d&c on 4/2 and on during the week of 4/14...as my bleeding subsided, I got light tan EWCM. Did anyone else ovulate so soon??? I could have sworn I felt the O (mittleschmirtz) pinch on 4/17...was I imagining things? If anyone else had this happen I would appreciate advice. I ask because DH and I bd'd 4/16 and i wasn't intentionally ttc but think we may have...

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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 1:43pm
I too had a D&C on 4/2 and O'd about 2.5 weeks after the procedure. I was very suprised it was so soon. I'm concerned because my husband and I did have intercourse and hope that if by chance I did get pregnant that the risks are not too high.
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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 1:57pm
Oh my gosh...we're in exactly the same situation. How did you know you o'd? Before I was pg I had a very regular 28 day cycle...I'm not sure when I should test? 4/30??? Oh, my gosh, keep me posted. I think it's ok to get pregnant soon after, they just want a regular cycle inbetween so they can accuarately measure the dates but other than that it's ok. My dr. said it was ok to start trying. We were going to wait, but got carried away...so now it's just wait and see time.

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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 1:36pm
Hi. I too had a D&C on 4/2 after learning the baby had no heartbeat on 3/31.

I also ovulated about 2 wks after. I am not sure whether or not I conceived,

I will find out in time I guess because we had unprotected sex on our anniversary

and after that we were having sex quite often. The Dr. said to wait two months, but

I feel that if my body is able to conceive, then it is able to nurture a baby.

If we were to have another miscarriage it would be due to chromosome disorder, not

because we didn't wait. I have read so many places that the Dr. tells you to wait

because they want to be able to date the pregnancy so that they know at what stage

of development the baby should be at. I hope everything goes how you ladies want it

to go. Good luck!
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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 9:18pm
Well, looks like there are a few of us in the same boat! I O'd almost 3 weeks after. We weren't trying either. We had just been so stressed out, and needed some time alone, and, well, as they say, one thing led to another, and another and another...for a few nights in a row. Not the smartest thing, I know, and now I'm really nervous, too. I've heard of people being fine if they conceive right after, but I've also heard the uteran lining needs to heal after the D&C. Has anyone else heard that?

Good Luck to you all!