early m/c

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early m/c
Mon, 02-07-2011 - 5:38pm

I starting having an early m/c this morning.

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Tue, 02-15-2011 - 6:45pm

I am so sorry Sydney! It's so frustrating to think you've got it nailed and then m/c. When I had a m/c (July '08) I had a bunch of tests afterwards, and conceived in January. So it wasn't super fast for us, but within six months. As my OB pointed out, at least I was able to get pregnant!

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Sat, 02-12-2011 - 7:17am

Welcome to the board, Sydney. I'm sorry for your loss. It's a terrible thing to go through, and it being early doesn't make it easy.

Women do often go on to have successful pg right after m/c, and hopefully you can, too.

Please stick around and let us know how everything is going.

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Sat, 02-12-2011 - 12:04am
I had an early loss in 2/06. I got my BFP 3 cycles later and had my daughter in January 2007. It does happen!! Now I am back to square one with 2 early miscarriages 5 months apart! Sending lots of baby dust your way. Sorry for your loss. It is never easy.
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Wed, 02-09-2011 - 11:45am
Sounds like my story. No matter how early the loss, it's difficult. I do find strength in the fact that conception even occurred! (I was afraid after some issuses it would never happen again) My little bean was my ray of hope. Today is a new day as well as the next! HUGS
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Tue, 02-08-2011 - 8:44pm

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I am sorry for your loss, Sydney. My miscarriage was similar to yours. Our midwife encouraged us to try right away since it was an early miscarriage. I am now over 25 weeks pregnant with the baby that I got pregnant with the month after I lost our other one. I had one period in between and then got another positive test.

We didn't do anything special to conceive again (no charting or ovulation kits) but we just had intercourse during the times my body gave indication of ovulation.

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Tue, 02-08-2011 - 1:12pm

So sorry for your loss.

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Tue, 02-08-2011 - 10:18am

Welcome and I'm so sorry for your loss.

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Mon, 02-07-2011 - 6:53pm

First, I am so sorry for your loss.