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Hesitant Intro
Tue, 01-31-2012 - 2:43pm


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Tue, 01-31-2012 - 7:55pm

Hi Leona!

So sorry for all you've been thru.....I am scared to DEATH to try again too!!

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Wed, 02-01-2012 - 3:07pm

(((HUGS))) Leona, I'm so sorry for your loss.

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Wed, 02-01-2012 - 9:19pm
Hi, Leona! Welcome! Your feelings are very natural. I've been doing that myself, thinking if I get pregnant, what family gatherings we'll be having at the time and wonder how to go about it. I think it helps to talk to people that have been through a mc, that's why I come to this board. And I think husbands deal with mc very differently that us. I know my husband has, I think he said all the wrong things he could have the first couple days. ;) Luckily, he is being very supportive.
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Sun, 02-05-2012 - 11:41am

Hi Leona.


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Mon, 02-06-2012 - 4:48pm
I am so sorry for your loss hun :( you have found a great group of people here and I think we're all scared of getting pregnant again.. That is what this support group is for :)

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