Hey y'all...need some direction please!

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Hey y'all...need some direction please!
Fri, 06-10-2011 - 12:32pm

A little background info. My name is Jenee..I'm almost 33 years old. I hade two seemingly uneventful pregnancies. DS was born healthy in Feb of 2003, at 37weeks, after 6 weeks of mild pre-e and PTL.. And DD was born healthy in May of 2005, also at 37weeks, due to a spike in blood pressure. No other complications in either pregnancy.


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Hi, I'm sorry for your losses. I think you've found the perfect board. Lots of women here with differing stories, but similar experiences, all looking for that little one they are longing for. Like pp said, everyone here has experienced a loss and many have experienced more than one loss, and many of the women have (are) experienced infertility.

Good luck in trying again.

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Hi Jenee. I'm sorry for your losses. :( I'm not sure if there's a board specific to your experience, but those of us who post here are all familiar with pregnancy loss. Some are also familiar with infertility, and I also know there are some here who have experience with clotting factors. I think you've found a great place to come and share the TTC journey. I hope your journey is a short one and that you are able to finally get your sticky baby now that your doctor knows what meds you should be on and that you should be on them now instead of waiting. :)

As for others with similar stories, I don't know that there are many with your story exactly, but I know that there are some who have moved on to PAL (Pregnant after Loss) who have had successful pregnancies, then gone on to have several losses, and are now on their way to a healthy pregnancy again. I also know of others who have had healthy pregnancies, had some losses, and are here on this board TTC. So, I think you'll find yourself in good company. :) This is a great group of supportive women.
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