Hi everyone! I miss you! pg

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Hi everyone! I miss you! pg
Sun, 04-13-2003 - 11:27am
I am afraid of spending too much time on the computer, so I haven't been posting here, but I wanted to say that I miss you ladies very much and I think of you often. You are a very special group of ladies, who helped me stay positive at a scary time.

I am doing well. I am now 6 weeks pregnant and starting to feel sick, which is good, since my last pregnancy was symptom-free.

How is everyone doing? Please update me! How are the healthy eaters/exercisers doing? I am still doing pretty well, though I had a nasty groin pull injury that set me back for a week, but I'll be back at the exercising tomorrow.



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Sun, 04-13-2003 - 12:04pm
(pg ment.)

Christine, which board are you on? I haven't seen you over at PAL. I'm over there and on the November Mommies board (on ParentSoup, actually... the ParentsPlace one seems way too busy).

I'm at 7w today and also feeling the effects of m/s... nothing productive yet, but definitely feeling icky most of the time. Glad to hear you're doing well!

-- Laura